Decesions ✋

The cause of unhappiness is nothing but our choices. We are being called as adults when we develop the ability to decide whats good and bad for us. Our lives are totally based on decisions. The consequences of these decisions get shallow as we move forward in our lives. Yes, not deeper as they say its better to start early. Similarly if we make farsighted decisions at early age than it certainly makes up for some wrong choices that we could possibly make in our future. That decision could be anything for eg. A student who is interested in computers can start to learn code early. Students in college can gain some extra skills which they will need in corporate world. As an earning man one can decide to invest for security in future. But the point is that when we are in those situations we are not in state of analysing things. Ofcourse its the lack of analysis that drives us to situations where we have to make tough decisions.

The best thing to do is to consult someone who has himself gone through that situation. Because for long term benefits it is important. Also just consider that consultation as an option only the reason being that you must understand your limits too but not your needs. We will see that most of the times when we are facing big dilemmas it is our needs that makes 2 out of 3 choices relevant to us. It sounds a bit autistic but yes its true. Next after making the decision its important to stick with it. Whatever we choose for ourselves not for others so be confident and carry on to the choosen path.

The best thing is that if the path choosen is easy than it bring wonders. But if the path choosen proves to be very hard and if we dare to complete it than we have stories for the folks…