Consequences of decoding God by logic 🕉️ ☪️ ⚙️

These were the words of my teacher “as I have read science I don’t believe in god but yes, I believe in energies”. He was man who had an extraordinary self believe so there was nothing wrong to admire him. This was the first time that a doubt was raised in my mind that believing in god and finding logic are the opposite faces of coin? Born in a typical hindu family where god is heavily cherished I also developed a fear of god. Yes, fear because listening every time that everything is governed by god I started to pray in mornings. I realised that I only prayed for prevention, causes some reasons not from the heart.

Luckily I had a chance to read a book which was basically an interpretation of Mahabhartha which helped in great aspects such as realising what is true Dharma (not doing anything to any person who you don’t consider that should be done to you). Mahabhartha made me realise that there is no hell no heaven, no good no bad. But it started my quest to decode what is god? Mahabhartha says that God is just a character , like Arjuna , Yuddhistra , Duryodhana , karna etc. So the character which being portrayed as god is actually not god as he uses trickery , cheating which in no way are the traits of god which are being told to us. “God will do the justice”.

The only clear thought that I could withdraw from the text was ‘Karma’. What you do comes back to you. It is the simplest and soothing concept I ever understood. I mean doing right things the right way. Combining Dharma with Karma makes such a brilliant fusion which almost deletes the need of any other concept needed to live an answerable life. It’s so magnificent to think that you finally can answer some of the most typical, sensible questions that are being put forward to you by your surroundings.

All these lowered my belief on god but that to in a good way. My fear for god vanished and remembering the words of my teacher I started to believe in the concept of God as an energy rather than any physical stature. Most of the people including me have a habit of saying “oh god” or “hey Bhagwan, kya ho gya”. One day I asked while saying the above mentioned words that whatever happened, happened due to your Karma which was not in terms with Dharma. Then why in this world you are remembering god which according to you has no physical significance. Days passed by and I started to avoid saying these words and remembering god. Suddenly I am being struck by a thought that “have I become an atheist”. Oh man! What am I doing? What is happening? Also my classmate asked me that do you believe in god? I explained her my thoughts which I later realised was equivalent of saying ‘No’. it looks funny but it very hard for a 19 year hindu boy bought up in family where god is worshipped hard to accept that “I don’t know how but, my thoughts are taking me towards atheism”.

not doing anything to any person who you don’t consider that should be done to you. It took me a night only but what I decided is conclusion of this tale or this journey. Living the life while not believing in god takes the nectar out of it. Remembering god gives a sense of belonging to this earth. I don’t have hesitation and I will not have hesitation even if I study science at a very advance level that yes, god exists as force which connects or which makes sure that the consequences of your karma “must” come to you. From where does this force comes from? Simple from where this wind on the earth comes from.