Emotion, Corruption and Us 🧐 💰 🤦

I once read this line “emotions doesn’t make you strong they just hinder your development”. To say that a guy with emotions is weak, will be a very superficial thing because in many cases emotional people are hardest to handle when their sentiments are hurt. But my today’s topic is about how having emotions can hinder your success.

My observation is based on media of every type either news or entertainment. But its really important to know that what is the ‘control’ here. Which means with respect to which I will be calling someone or something less developed than others. if I start with a very simple question that why India on every scale is less developed than western countries? Yes, no doubt the arguments about corruption will be have the first place. But when we say that do we mean that people in western countries are more honest than people in India? That’s why there is no corruption there? They are sincere and we are not, they are helpful to people and we are not, they are very faithful and we are not. These are very common arguments that can be heard from a common middle aged man in India who is describing why his day was bad or why he dislikes his country to his friends at a local tea stall.

I had the same opinion too! but from a book, I read “people are same everywhere its just the administration” it was really striking for a guy like me whose opinion was also built on the same thing, same television, internet that everyone uses and no experience of dealing with outsiders that yes we are not only the selfish people in this world. So I began to search for the word ‘administration’ that what’s its actual context is. In the above said quote its quite clear that it is used for the ‘way of implementing’ but again who are those people who are able to implement a process so robustly that there is no or very less scope of corruption. Do Indians don’t have that kind of brain structure? Certainly not. Like most of the times it looked like in search of an answer I landed on the question itself.

Started to rub my fingers again on my phone opened some video streaming apps, social media etc. to get through some extra time that I had, I started to watch some American TV sitcoms. Sitcoms are like the old famous Taarak Mehta stuff. I learnt about how well structured is their social environment. The concept of using the word ‘uncle’ for every other person rather than your dad is so good that it removes any confusion like in India we have ‘chacha’ for our uncles who are blood brothers to our father. Than we call some people with their name and then uncle, like Ramesh uncle and again to some male persons whom we don’t know at all we call them only uncle. Same is the case with female persons. Why is there is a need of so many words in Indian environment? The answer being ‘to us emotions are very important.’ It’s really important for us to divide people on the basis of priority that who we will run into when we get into a problem. to a bigger perspective if I see that how this all naming thing have helped Indians to became emotionally stable then the answers are few. No doubt it is an integral part of Indian culture but what benefit did we got? What’s happening, that it gives rise to hypocrisy.

This big circle of people whom you are concerned with edges you to think about them and indirectly urges you to reach to such a stature which is out of your reach. Which directly or indirectly makes us take some inappropriate measures in our daily routine which look very normal to us. But these measures with no such big effects on our daily life when combined with that of every third guy becomes corruption.

Take any kind of media platform in India, two components can be looked at very easily. First, any short satire or some scenes will definitely give the hint of corruption and its root causes. Second, the big circle of people to whom a single man is connected. and if that’s the case with western media corruption is not a part of any story and the stories of the protagonist are limited to some people.