Untied Shoe Laces 👟

We make plans every month resolutions every year, we do follow them for some days and then just forget them. at the same time everyone knows that they lack consistency or they are undetermined. its a general opinion that when we know the cause of our problems than its easy to work on them and eradicate them. but when the consistency problem arrives we just give ourselves an excuse that we will complete or do the thing in some other interval and postpones the task to some other time.

this is our psychological hypocrisy which we have learned to lived with and i guess this is the correct interpretation of the famous proverb “Before pointing fingers to someone, make sure your hands are clean”. this hypocrisy resides in me too. today, while just wandering outside, my shoe got untied, a very normal phenomena. instead of knotting my shoe laces i just pushed them inside the shoe because this what i do normally because since my childhood i never understood the correct methods of ‘how to tie your laces’ and since there are no competitions organised for the same i didn’t bothered to learn one.

but what struck me was the thought that came to me when those laces again came out of my shoe after few steps. I realized that this habit of mine represents my careless attitude towards those aspects of my life which are not be expressed to anyone and don’t matter to world but to me only. in short my ‘inconsistency’. if people were judged on how they tie their shoe lace then i bet that mine would have been the perfect one but as this is not case i didn’t learnt to tie them.

this is the same case i believe with most people that, we are not able to achieve are ‘those aims’ which are not meant to prove anything of our personality to world. like to wake up early, to exercise daily, to stay hungry (they call it dieting), to complete a course in a specific time etc. at the same time those aims whose accomplishment will result in a big statement about ourselves are achieved well within time.

in conclusion, we are only consistent towards those aims which will make other’s happy about ourselves not to those which are important only to us.