Why We Hesitate? 🤔

To my friends who say they ‘hesitate’ to speak in public.

Why we hesitate? We fear the laughs, specially the whispering among ears and think of it as indignation(insult), don’t we?

This is a very common characteristic; I’m not defining it as a problem because if that would have been the case only few people would have suffered but I can’t say about the world but when I see you (my class), I guess everyone suffers with this kind of hesitation.

Now, it is not that we don’t bother to improve, even I had discussions with many of you regarding the issues with language ‘English’. “Merko meri English strong karni h, kaise kru?” My reply has always been to take the first step, read newspapers, watch English comedies/movies etc.

I just want to ask one thing to you guys that how many of you are really trying to improve on speaking skills? The answer is the measure of consistency to achieve our goals.

The biggest mistake that we are doing is not ‘assigning priority’ to learn English. We are thinking that “learning English is not important as learning Data structures”. The scenario is that even if we don’t know a single thing about the topic but if we are able to express ourselves than certainly we can cross many hurdles of our life and I’m saying this because I’ve experienced it ‘myself’.

I, don’t hesitate in saying that my skill to express myself ‘compensates’ for my ‘lack of knowledge about my subjects’. Believe me many of you have an I.Q which is way higher than me. (will not name them). But it’s just the movement of lips and hands that makes the difference in the class. If you can connect, I also want to let you guys know that only because of this skill, I was able to visit a foreign country on government expenses. See what wonders can orating skills bring to your life? When you speak, speak for YOURSELF not for a single person sitting in front of you. Winner is the one who ‘tries’ and loser is the one who sits in the crowd, laughs and thinks he can’t even try. Thank you.